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Deason and Koch give $7 million to SMU Dedman Law for criminal justice reform

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.31.01 PMDallas businessman Doug Deason was 17-years-old when he held a party at a neighbor’s house while they were gone. Booze flowed. Music was loud. Cops were called.

“The couple’s son gave me a key and things got out of hand,” said Deason, who was charged with felony burglary.

Deason’s parents hired a well-connected criminal defense lawyer, who convinced prosecutors to lower the charge to misdemeanor trespassing and to agree to expunge his record if he stayed clean for a year.

“A felony could have ruined my life, as I would have been forced to check that box on every school and job application,” said Deason, who is the son of Affiliated Computer Services founder Darwin Deason. “There are a lot of people who make a mistake like I did and end up paying for it for their entire life.”

That was 1979 in northwest Arkansas. [READ MORE]

Texas Judge Says No to Same-Sex Weddings

DALLAS (CN) – A Republican judge in Dallas County is facing criticism for refusing to perform same-sex marriages, citing his religious freedom under a controversial advisory opinion from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Describing himself as a “devout Catholic,” Justice of the Peace Bill Metzger said Wednesday that his “sincerely held religious belief” prevent him from being “forced to conduct anything but a traditional wedding” under Paxton’s nonbinding opinion.


Investigators focus on Facebook posts in murder mystery


DALLAS – Take a look at Ronald Shumway’s Facebook page. It looks like he’d met someone new.

On April 23, his status reads, “Found me a cowboy and he actually lives on a ranch. I’m going to be his Ranch Hand.” Another status update from that same day: “Going to pack my bags and off to Austin with my Midnight Cowboy to his ranch.”…MORE

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