John Creuzot skillfully utilizes the Grand Jury to provide his clients the opportunity to avoid formal charges before they step foot inside the courtroom. By conducting a thorough investigation…[more]

With 34 years of trial experience, John Creuzot is an expert in the courtroom. Whether in misdemeanor or felony court, John Creuzot leverages his vast experience to combine creative trial…[more]

Drawing from his extensive experience in fostering drug rehabilitation, John Creuzot is able to spotlight issues and behaviors that may be attributable to addiction or mental health issues…[more]

John Creuzot touts experience on both sides of the bench, having spent seven years as an Assistant District Attorney, and 21 years as a State District Judge in Dallas, Texas…[more]

Client was the owner and operator of a child care home. A five month old baby died while in her care and she was charged with Endangering a Child, which carries a sentence of 20 years…[more]

John Creuzot is a sought-after industry counsel and has been recognized for his work by a variety of local and national media sources…[more]